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Living an IMAX Life…

Your life is like a movie you watch.  Last post we discussed the perspective you have on your life, and how that view helps set your destiny. Many people watch their life movie on the screen of an i...

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Free Your Mind!

One of the most liberating things you can ever do is free your mind from limiting beliefs about money, material comforts, and wealthy people.  Most people have a continuous tug-of-war going on be...

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Finding a Cure for Religion

This is a continuing series of posts breaking down the six most important categories of core beliefs you develop in life.  I believe these areas are instrumental in terms of the self-esteem you devel...

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Hope, Dope, and a Dead Pope

It was spring, 2005 and I was sitting in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam toking up some sinsemilla, while the TV on the wall played images of people mourning the death of Pope John Paul II.  Maybe it was t...

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The “Good” Evil People in Your Life

I’m not sure how to say this nicely.  So I’ll just say it.  Your parents probably screwed you up.  Big time.  And if your parents didn’t, probably some close family friends, early teachers, ...

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Is Desire Good or Bad?

a/k/a Zen and the Art of Manifestation Maintenance (more…)...

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Protecting Yourself Against Memes

Quite the kerfuffle from the last post on how organized religion brainwashes people in ways that lead to self-sabotage and destructive behavior.   Lots of comments from people who think I’m out to...

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Are You a Good Parent?

One of the guys I play softball with is a great ballplayer.  His young son is developing to be very good too, and he brings him to practice.  You can tell the son idolizes his father and wants to be...

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