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Give your team an experience of extraordinary value for your next convention or meeting. Bring in Randy Gage to deliver an inspiring keynote speech or an information-dense seminar. Randy is a presenter with real-world experience, who is dynamic on the platform, and will inspire your team into action. He is a thought-provoking critical thinker who will challenge your team to think in new ways, discover new possibilities and achieve more. You get fired-up, productive people, and you’ll look like a hero. More importantly, you’ll see the positive results, long after the conference is over.

Randy does thorough pre-event research and customizes the program for your company, products, and situation. His unique, and captivating stories can be told by no one else. Your people receive a program that’s fast-paced, fun, and packed with usable information on how to achieve more. Randy is the author of 13 books translated into 25 languages, including the New York Times bestsellers, Risky Is the New Safe and Mad Genius. He has spoken to more than 2 million people across more than 50 countries and is a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame. Randy was selected as one of the “Who’s Hot” 25 speakers worldwide by Speaker magazine.

Inspirational Keynote Speeches

Randy can do an opening keynote to kick off your event with a bang, or a closing keynote to send the attendees home energized into action. All keynotes are available from 45 to 90 minutes based upon your needs and can be re-titled to match the theme of your event.

Keynotes Available

The Breakthrough Elements of a Breakthrough

There are few things more exciting, exhilarating, and rewarding than a true breakthrough. That moment when you “crack the code” and move from incremental progress to exponential growth is usually the point where success becomes inevitable. But how do you create a personal or organizational breakthrough? In this uplifting talk, Randy breaks down the three elements that must be present to engineer your next breakthrough. Your people will know where to look for answers, what beliefs they must change, and how to build upon failure to create success.

Defeating Defeat

No one wins every battle. At some point, all individuals and organizations will face defeat. So how do you turn things around when confronted by a devastating failure? Having been shot and left in a pool of blood, Randy has a unique perspective on defeating defeat. Convention halls of thousands, who only minutes before were standing and cheering wildly — are reduced to absolute silence as he shares how his state of mind and vision for the future helped him overcome almost certain death. Your people will learn how to create their own “never give up” mindset and the exact process for creating a compelling vision that will pull them forward toward their goals.

Radical Rebirth

For most people, the most liberating day of their lives will be the one they realize that some bridges are meant to be burned. And with that realization, they might reach the conclusion that it is time to let go of the old version of themselves, and replace it with a new, improved version. This provocative and lively speech explores the common mind viruses that cause people to self-sabotage their health, happiness, and prosperity. Your team will be incredulous to learn the limiting beliefs they’ve developed from popular TV shows, movies and social media – and how to blow up those beliefs and replace them with empowering ones. They will discover how to release the past, envision a bold new future, and then reinvent themselves to make that happen.

Practical Application Seminars

If you’re looking for more in-depth training on skillsets and concrete applications for your team, consider booking one of Randy’s informational seminars. They can be delivered in half-day or full-day versions.

Seminars Available

Disrupting the Future

The economic model we’ve operated under for the last fifty years is now eviscerated. Your organization needs new strategies to succeed in the new reality. In this thought-provoking seminar based on the principles in his bestselling books Mad Genius and Risky Is the New Safe, Randy lays out his process for developing innovative, disruptive, and “mad genius” thinking.

Your team will learn how to predict the challenges we’ll be facing in the future – the opportunities those challenges will offer – and how they can transform those challenges into lucrative opportunities. From monkeys replacing human laborers to virtual reality sex, asteroid mining to mobile apps, and cloning to biogenetic engineering – Randy will provide fascinating insights for how your organization can compete and win. This mind-boggling program will show you and your team how to predict future trends, get out in front of them, and lock up market share before your competitors even know the game has changed.

Legendary Leadership

Most leadership books and seminars contain a lot of clichés, platitudes and quotes about leadership, but very little practical application about how to become a positive, empowering leader. Your current and aspiring leaders will be euphoric with the tangible insights in this seminar that can be immediately applied to become a stronger leader. Randy shares from his personal experience of leading a team of more than 200,000 people across 50 nations.

Your team will learn how to employ the real-world tools of leadership – things like inclusion, exclusion, assignments, group dynamics, social proof, game plans, even the “death penalty” to empower their followers to achieve better results. Randy will break down what a delineated leadership path looks like, the 9 stages in leadership development, and his brilliant analysis of the four levels of leadership. The information in this seminar will allow you to create a “leadership factory” in your organization. This one-day program can be expanded to a more intense, information dense two-day version for high-level leaders.

They Loved Randy. You Will Too!

  • Randy was the star speaker of our annual Workplace Design Conference. Our audience is mostly business leaders and company professionals, so not the easiest crowd, but Randy touched them visibly with his message on what it will take to be the leader of the future.  Better than wonderful, a highlight of the year! We hope to have him back in a year or two. 

    Alenka Kragelj Erzen, CEO & Principal Architect, Kragelj Architects

  • Inspired people produce results. This is why we have worked with Randy as a speaker and consultant for more than 20 years. He brings magic to the audience, with authentic stories, life skills, leadership principles, and high energy motivation.  Randy touches people's hearts so they're inspired to be their best. He makes our lives easier as leaders because he helps our team produce results.

    Ørjan Saele, President, Zinzino

  • Randy was impactful, but more than anything real, and that is what our field loved.  Great advice that is duplicable and simple! Extremely valuable.

    Mauricio Domenzain, CEO Immunotec

  • Randy can take any topic and make it controversial, fun and sexy. He makes learning easy!

    Jeremiah Bradley, Chairman of the Board, ZYIA Active

  • Randy is the most professional, exciting and motivational speaker I’ve ever booked for an event. Every single person ‘levitated’ when Randy was done. Wow! But it got better . . . just a few short weeks after the event we had more people reach higher levels in our company than ever before. Bonus checks were up across the board! Randy had by far exceeded even my highest expectations!

    Art Jonak, Founder, The Mastermind Event®

  • A master entertainer and teacher who always delivers that ‘one for the ages’ kind of message! Randy has the ability to capture an audience from the moment he steps on the stage, and will engage the attendees at every level with his unique style of entertainment, philosophy, and inspirational approach.

    Sam Higginson, Vice President of Sales – North America & EU, Agel Enterprises, LLC.

  • Randy Gage has the ability to motivate people like none other! He drove our audience of 5,000 crazy with excitement. Our people got the message, and results are starting already.

    Alvaro Zuñiga, CEO and Founder of FuXion

Investment Schedule

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Half-day Workshop

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Full-day Workshop

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2-Day Strategic
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For details on how Randy can unleash the power of your team, contact us online or call +1 (305) 791-6880.

Virtual Programs:

If you have a limited budget, Randy can deliver your programs through ZOOM or other livestream platforms, for 50 percent of the live fee.


Because Randy has to change itineraries frequently, booking requires a full-fare, refundable, first class airline ticket. If we can combine the travel to or from another event, we will prorate the costs for you. In addition, you provide accommodations at a five-star hotel, transfer, and meals.


You may record Randy’s presentation on audio or video for internal use in your organization at no charge. However if the recording is to be sold, there is an additional charge of 50% of the speaking fee for audio recordings and 75% of the speaking fee for video recordings. Audience members may photograph or record Randy at their pleasure and he encourages them to do so.
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