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Are You Ready for Your Next Breakthrough?

A Very Special Invitation from Randy Gage…

Are you stuck?

Have you reached a plateau, and are you afraid or uncertain how to take the next step to further your business or career?

Do you have ginormous dreams, but need a mentor to guide you through the process of breaking through?

Have you ever imagined getting personalized coaching from me, helping you develop your own influence, so you can make a dent in the universe?

If so, please keep reading…

If you are a driven entrepreneur or professional who wants to scale and expand your business…

If you have an idea for a startup venture…

If you’re an author, consultant, speaker, coach, or thought leader who wants to build your brand…

Then my Breakthrough U Coaching Program is exactly what you need.

It’s a way you can receive the kind of intense, interactive, and customized coaching that can make a profound difference in your career and life.

Let me share what the actual coaching process will look like and how you can participate…

What you get when you enroll in Breakthrough U

Every month, you will participate in an online webinar with me.

Each month we’ll explore one topic that’s important for improving your skills, building your confidence and growing your business. Something that will help you make a better impact and grow your tribe. These webinars will focus on four areas:
  • Prosperity Consciousness
    To manifest extraordinary results, you have to view the world through a bigger window. That means discovering and eviscerating the limiting beliefs, negative programming, and poverty consciousness that you’ve probably been programmed with since you were three. As I detailed in my Mad Genius book, artists, successful entrepreneurs, and other people who dent the universe think very differently from the herd. I’ll work with you on the critical thinking, mindset, and thought processes required for success.
  • Marketing
    The days of having a better mousetrap meant people beat a path to your door are way gone. Today it’s all about personal or corporate branding, and positioning in your market. You have to have a strong presence on social media, and be proficient in both online and offline marketing strategies that allow you to capture larger market share.
  • Peak Performance
    To be successful at any venture, you have to concentrate on the productivity processes, daily habits, and routines that allow you to accomplish the most things in the best possible manner. Nobody you know gets more done than me. I’ll teach you how I do it.
  • Leadership Qualities
    To build any business, non-profit or a cohesive team, you need to be a great leader. This curriculum will focus on how you develop stronger leadership skills, to impact more people in a bigger way.
These are live, interactive events with you, other members of the coaching program, and me. I’ll begin with a presentation, but leave adequate time afterward for your comments and questions. If you are not able to participate live, it will be recorded so you can watch or re-watch again. You get to attend a personal success seminar every month, but without having to leave home or get on an airplane.

You receive six electronic “Hot Seats” with me, each year.

You’ll receive my private e-mail address, so you can submit a summary (up to three pages) of an idea or concept you want personal, customized coaching with. This could be a venture you’re considering taking to market, book proposal, speech outline, website concept, marketing campaign, etc. I will analyze it and give you constructive feedback on how it might be improved to be more effective, salable, and/or profitable.
Please note that these cannot be rolled over to the following year. I don’t want extra consultations hanging over my head. Use them or lose them.

You will be accepted into a private, members-only Signal chat group.

This is another opportunity for you to brainstorm and network with me and other members of the group. It’s a place where I can post quick tips and updates when I want to share something with you quickly. 

You will receive a 50 percent discount on admission to my TRIBAL event.

This is your chance to meet in person, for four days of mind-expanding sessions on influence and how it is created. This is the preeminent event in the world for people who want to put a dent in the universe and make a difference. (Just this discount is worth $5,000.00 to you.)

The people you will network with at this event are the real players, not the wannabes you meet at Chamber of Commerce business card exchanges. This is the closest thing you’ll find to the Jedi Council on this planet. Imagine the powerful and life-changing things you can learn from a group like this. If you can’t pick up at least one million-dollar idea at each event – you’re just not trying!

And you won’t just save money on the TRIBAL event. Any time I conduct a live event, you will receive at least a 50 percent discount off the ticket price. (And sometimes more, including free attendance, depending on what the event is.)

So here’s a recap. As a member of my Breakthrough U coaching program you will receive:

  • One live monthly interactive webinar;
  • Six electronic Hot Seats a year;
  • Membership in the private Signal group;
  • At least 50% discount on my live public events!

However, it’s necessary to warn about some things right upfront…

This group is intimate, exclusive, and extremely difficult to get into. Membership is not available to tourists, tire kickers, or posers. This program is not for people looking to defend their position, hold on to a declining market, or maintain their current situation. It’s for peak performers who want to 10X, 50X or even 100X their current results.

This coaching program is only for a select group of world-class achievers, who are serious about unleashing the untapped potential they have to be breathtakingly brilliant, and achieve world-class results.

It will require a substantial investment of money, time and creative energy. You have to be willing and capable of giving as much equal value to the group as you receive yourself.

NOTE: Since much of this information is proprietary, sensitive and extremely confidential — you must agree to not reveal sensitive information outside the group.

Membership in the Breakthrough U Coaching Program gives you a chance to get the most personalized help and guidance from me individually – as well as interacting with some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds on the planet.

Even the greatest athletes, performers, and leaders need a coach. In fact, you can easily make the argument that the higher the level of success you are operating at – the more you really need a coach.

And if you want to operate at a world-class level – and reach the most extraordinary levels of success – then I want to help you get there.

Whats the Investment

A little voice inside tells me I should charge at least $50,000 a year for this, just to create the right mindset and ensure that all members are operating at a high enough level. But I also appreciate that some of you who are not yet earning large incomes could still bring some fresh ideas and perspective to the group.

So I am going to experiment with an investment of only $10,000 annually and see how it works. If I’m not happy with the results, I will raise the price. If all goes as I hope, it will stay where it is. You can pay quarterly, or receive the annual pre-payment discount.

Obviously spaces are limited by demand. Once I feel I can’t give the necessary attention, new membership will be closed. I would hate for you to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.
I want to Join!
I could tell you more about the benefits of working directly with me, but I’d rather not. It’s better to let my body of work, reputation and experience speak for itself. If this program is right for you, you knew it about ten paragraphs ago and just continued reading for curiosity.

If you’re not certain by this point, the program is probably not for you. I’m sure that you can make a mindful decision, and I’m betting that you know a life-transforming opportunity when you see one.

Please. Think about what this type of program could mean to you. And if you’re ready to take the next quantum leap in your development, fill out the application now.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

– Randy Gage

P.S. Once you know the program is right for you, it’s important that you move fast on this. Once the spots are gone, they’re gone, and we’ll put you on the waiting list for an opening.
I want to Join!
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