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Become A Copywriting Stud - Digital

Become One of the World’s Highest Paid Copywriters.This manual is like no resource you’ve ever seen before. Randy lays bare his entire treasure chest of copywriting secrets, revealing to you exactly how to do what he does better than anyone else. He reveals the psychological triggers that get people to take action.

Get Rich Working from Your Spare Bedroom, Sidewalk Cafes in Paris, under a Palm Tree in Hawaii, or Anywhere Else…

Copywriting is one of the most lucrative, fun, and intellectually stimulating endeavors you can ever do. It gives you a real creative high, and the chance to make ongoing income like most people don’t even dare to dream about.

You can work for yourself, or accept contracts from others. You have the personal freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world. (Or at least anywhere you can get a decent Internet connection.)

Whether you live in New York, Indianapolis, or Milwaukee, Rome, Trieste, or Milan — there will always be people who want more business. And they will joyfully give you a piece of the pie to produce it for them.

You can have your office situated with a view of the mountains in Colorado, overlooking the sailboats on San Diego Bay, or just follow the sun, writing from beautiful locales around the world.

Truth be told, you really don’t even need an office…

You can work from anywhere! From any Starbucks or sidewalk café, a hammock in your backyard, or from a beach in Fiji. All you need is a mail drop for people to send your checks to, and somewhere to e-mail your projects from.

As a trained copywriter, you can easily earn $75,000 or $100,000 a year, working part time from home in your bathrobe. If you’re serious and work more, you can rake in $250,000 a year, and those who are really good can even crack the million dollars a year threshold.

Best of all, you can do all this without a bunch of employees and overhead to eat up the majority of what you earn. Here’s how it works…

You get hired to write a letter. You get an agreed upon price, usually beginning at $500 for beginners and going up to $15,000 for experienced pros. That’s the base price.

Then you get paid a small royalty from all the sales that come from that letter, or a set amount for each copy of the letter that gets mailed. For as long as it mails! If your letter becomes the “control” package, it can mail for years!

It’s possible that one letter you write can make you $5,000, $8,000 or $15,000 a month in residual income. For as long as that letter mails! Think of what you can earn if you have four or five controls going at the same time.

There is never a shortage of businesses…

There are always more business owners, advertising agencies, and publishers who need good copy than there are good copywriters out there. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting 10 people who claim to be copywriters these days, but good ones who actually know what they’re doing are quite rare. So those who do know make very handsome livings.

Copy is the engine that drives all great marketing campaigns. You can make a fortune writing sales letters, brochures, ads and websites for businesses. There are literally MILLIONS of small, medium, and even huge companies, desperate for someone to help them sell their products or services. (And we’re not even mentioning the millions more non-profit organizations, associations, political campaigns, and others.)

Of course you may not want to hire your services out to others. You may want to use them for building your own business. And why not?

You can use your new copywriting skills to drive traffic to your website, write a book proposal that gets a big contract, or get yourself booked on “Oprah.” Or maybe you need to write sales letters, ads, and website copy for your retail store, consulting practice, or chiropractic office.

You can develop your own products, or partner with other people with existing products. There are MILLIONS more joint venture and new product opportunities like this. Really.

Or you can do it both ways! Work on your own products, and just take on the special projects that excite you and offer big dollar potential for residual income. You can even use your copywriting skills to support a political cause, or raise money for religious or charitable organizations.

Or you can select “all of the above.” The possibilities that open to you once you learn these skills are vast, numerous, and very lucrative.

Once you discover the secrets of writing powerful copy you can:

  • Create money-producing websites
  • Write a best-selling book
  • Create compelling sales letters, brochures, catalogs, and other marketing materials
  • Draft powerful consulting proposals
  • Design ads that pull in orders like crazy
  • Create a product catalog that brings in tens of thousands of dollars a month
  • Earn passive income without working
  • Craft a sales letter that — with the right product at the right time — can make you a million dollars, euros, or pounds!

Now if you want to know where to learn these skills, there is a new resource that
can teach you. And it comes from a man who is arguably the world’s
greatest copywriter…

Of course we’re talking about Randy Gage. Randy has used his extraordinary copywriting skills to build two different multi-million-dollar businesses of his own. He also takes on special projects that attract him, and has produced hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for those delirious clients. In fact, when Randy takes on a project, you can pretty much be assured it’s about to take off.

We convinced Randy to sit down and distill his copywriting brilliance into a step-by-step system — an authoritative manual — so that anyone serious about mastering it could learn how to become a world-class copywriter.

Randy Gage’s “How to Become a Copywriting Stud!”

This manual is like no resource you’ve ever seen before. Randy lays bare his entire treasure chest of copywriting secrets, revealing to you exactly how to do what he does better than anyone else. He reveals the psychological triggers that get people to take action.

You’ll discover how to write throat-grabbing, gut-punching, persuasive, emotional, “killer” copy that will have prospects crawling naked over broken glass to get what you’re selling.

In fact, by the time you’re done with this resource, you will be in the upper echelon of copywriters in the world! Because you are being taught by the very best.

This is not a collection of unproven theories by some copywriter “wannabe.” This is insightful, high-level teaching from the master — and he divulges exactly what you need to become really great.

This powerful copywriting manual takes you through all of the precise skills you need to become a world-class copywriter. Here are some of the specific, sales-producing techniques you’ll master:

  • Create headlines and subheads that grab your prospects by the throat
  • Develop copy leads that addict the prospect to the copy
  • Integrate gut-wrenching emotion to your copy
  • Utilize “bucket brigade” flow devices to keep prospects reading
  • se word pictures to highlight the problem prospects have or the salvation your product offers
  • Integrate an “internal message” to move prospects to action
  • Craft a reinforcing ‘P.S.’ to increase response
  • Make an offer only a moron could refuse
  • Put it all together to drive prospects to “Buy NOW!”

Randy even gives you practice exercises to hone your skills before you take on your first client or project. By the time you go through this, you’ll be a copywriting stud. Really.

So what’s the cost?

You can order Randy’s “How to Be a Copywriting Stud” for only $197. Or, if you would like to get a digital version of it, you can do so for only $177.

This manual takes you through the entire process from crafting powerful headlines, pulling the reader into the copy, creating the offer, creating a powerful internal message, to writing the call to action and a powerful P.S. At every stage you have practice exercises to apply the lesson and make sure you really understand it. It is exactly what you need to write world-class copy and become a copywriting stud.

Now I must warn you now, there are no refunds or returns on this product…

This resource shows you exactly how to write powerful, compelling copy, but you have to be the one to do the work. So if you are the type of person who buys resources just have them look pretty on your book shelf, save your money. But if you’re really ready to discover what it takes to become a world-class copywriter working from wherever you want, anywhere in the world, this is the resource to get. Order it now!

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