Prayer, Meditation, and Manifestation

Thoughts are things.  Maybe not in the same sense as paper clips, cell phones and jumbo shrimp are things – but in the way that nuclear fusion, kinetic energy, and centrifugal force are things. 

Thoughts are prayers.  Maybe not in the same sense as beseeching a supernatural entity for a specific outcome – but in the way that you send an idea into a mastermind, harnessing a greater consciousness for its fruition.

Thoughts are meditation.  Maybe not in the same sense as sitting lotus style with candles, chanting mantras – but in the way that you seek to quell the inner cacophony of mental distractions to commune with your Self. 

It would be hard to find anything more impactful for manifesting health, happiness, and prosperity than the ability to mindfully manage your thoughts. Thought is how you develop self-awareness.  Thought is how you build yourself up or tear yourself down. Thought is how you pull prosperity from the ethers and manifest it on the physical plane. 

To live a rich, harmonious, and enlightened life requires:

In the sense outlined above, most people are praying and meditating constantly.  Unfortunately, what they’re praying and meditating about most is money, how to get more of it, what they’re going to do with it if they get it – along with all the other manipulative mind viruses they’ve let their subconscious mind get infected with.  Until you bring the subconscious thoughts up to conscious thoughts, they will control your life and you’ll ascribe it all to fate, luck, or destiny. 


- RG

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