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Changing Your Life

You really can change your life.  Anyone can.  But it’s usually not easy. (more…)...

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You’ve seen me reference James Allen and As a Man Thinketh about a million times in this space.  I’ve probably given away 25 copies of that book to people.  Unfortunately I had to stop… (more&...

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Check Your Premise

If you ask the wrong question – the answer doesn’t matter. (more…)...

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The Role of Vision

You can have a powerful vision.  You can put that vision on your Prosperity Manifestation Map.  You can speak it in 13 affirmations every morning.  And you can still not achieve it. (more…)...

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What Is Your Vision?

My friend Ian Percy defines vision as “seeing your desired future as though it was already here.”  As you know, I believe that vision is what pulls us from our current reality to the one we want ...

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Is It Really Your Vision?

Amazing discussion going on the last post about The Vision that Pulls You to Greatness. And a great question by Rishkin who asks what to do if your vision doesn’t make you happy. (more…)...

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What Kind of Vision Do You Have?

It’s amazing how many people think they don’t have a vision.  I’ve had people tell me just that dozens of times at seminars and workshops.  Most of those people you find in the video stores on...

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The Prosperity Power of Faith

One of the parables is the Bible relates the story of the woman who was healed when she touched the cloak of Jesus.  He told her that her faith made her well.  Like most of the parables in the Bible...

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