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Endow Your Own Chair, Professor

I am delighted to share with you some amazing and exciting news.  I have been selected to receive an endowed professorship at one of the world’s finest universities!  If you’re not familiar with...

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Beware of False Positives for Growth

Last week I wrote about the need to be willing to let go of your old story, if you want to live a prosperous life.  Unfortunately, just releasing an old story doesn’t guarantee success.  Because y...

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Do You Have Proactive Progression?

Someone asked me what was the real distinction – the essence of the difference in the DNA – between high-level achievers versus the average person.  Thinking deeply about it, I believe there is o...

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The Journey of Self-Mastery

For most things, the higher you aspire in them, the more difficult they become.  Or at least it sure seems that way.  But I do believe you reach a tipping point, where once you have achieved a certa...

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Why You Practice Self-Development

Last post I questioned what percentage of people have enough self-awareness to work on their personal development vs. those who are oblivious.  Not sure we’ll ever know the number for certain, but ...

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Everybody is working on something, right?

I was listening to a podcast with a couple of people who are avid practitioners of personal growth and self-development.  During their discussion, one of them was talking about his experience at a se...

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Think and Grow Prosperous

We’re doing a series on how you change your thinking process.  Last post I told you there are four other elements to make this come about. (I actually miscounted what I had already done. There are ...

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The Inner Breakthrough

Allow me to share one of my favorite affirmations, and one I use frequently:
I break through self-limiting beliefs and open myself to possibilities.  (more…)...

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