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Teaching and Learning

It was a nine-hour flight, with a three-hour layover, followed by another ten-hour flight.  I woke up at this morning at 5:15, still exhausted, because my body is back 12 time zones ago.  I’m writ...

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When Are You Fixed?

In the recent post about my friend who is a pleaser, I told you the world is filled with lack-programmed people who think they want to be rich.   And the message from my friend certainly was ample e...

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Loving People Where They Are on the Journey

So this week we’ve been talking about when to exclude the people in our lives and when we cross the line and become judgmental.  Well I got a fascinating message on Facebook in that regard yesterda...

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Judging Other People

So in yesterday’s post we discussed letting go of negative people and introduced the question of when do you go too far, become judgmental, and isolate yourself from the world.  Now that’s a fasc...

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Prioritizing Success

It’s sure easy to get busy.  And the more successful you get, the easier it is to get busier.  And that’s where the danger comes in… (more…)...

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Creating Real Breakthroughs or Living in Denial

Last post I mentioned the crowd at my prosperity workshops and how I threatened their core beliefs.  I asked how you deal with that situation.  And I hope you gave it some serious thought. (more&hel...

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