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50 Secrets of Prosperity

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed since I got back online, then you know that I’ve been sharing 50 secrets about prosperity.  A lot of you have asked me to compile them in one spot.  Some...

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The Rules Have Changed

For most of your lifetime, you were rewarded for being compliant, fitting in, not making waves.   So if you’re like most people, you were compliant, fit in and didn’t make waves. (more…)...

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Blow Up the Status Quo

When I was first releasing excerpts from Risky Is the New Safe, people were shocked.  They thought it odd that a prosperity guy was writing about layoffs, disruption, currencies collapsing and other ...

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Disrupting Disruption

The Top 7 Disruptive Trends to Get in Front of for 2013 (more…)...

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Chasing the Challenge

The secret to creating wealth is solving problems.  When you solve problems for people, they will joyfully, lovingly, gratefully crawl naked over broken glass and throw money at you.  Because truth ...

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Today Is the Day!

Did the Risky Is the New Safe book event in Calgary last night and have one more in Tampa this Saturday.   These have been great fun; sessions of mind-bending, creative brainstorming on the future, ...

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Asking The Right Question…

Since Risky Is the New Safe has hit ALL the bestsellers lists (Thank you guys for that!), I thought it would be fun to take some of the issues raised in the book, and showcase some of the tremendous o...

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Ask the Right Question

If you ask the wrong question – the answer is irrelevant. (more…)...

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