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Who Wants to Be a Billionaire - Part Two

In honor of Risky Is the New Safe launching this week, we’re doing a series of posts on some of the multi-million- and multi-billion-dollar ideas either that we explore in the book, or will become a...

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Who Wants to Be a Billionaire! Part One

So it’s finally here!   Today is the official release date of Risky Is the New Safe!  As you know by now, it’s a mind-bending, head-rattling, thought-provoking look at the future:  What will h...

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Will I See You on the Tour?

Thanks to you guys, Risky Is the New Safe is the most talked about book on the blogospehere and social media right now.  So thank you!

Now I'm about to start the tour, so I'm hoping to see you on on...

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Predicting the Future

You really can predict the future with an uncanny degree of accuracy.  And no, you don't have to be a mystic, have “insider” information, or use a crystal ball.   There are some variables you c...

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Opportunity Lurking

As I mentioned last post, today is a day I have waited so long and so eagerly for.  We ‘re now talking advance orders for Risky Is the New Safe.  Now let me tell you why you should read the book, ...

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Want to be a Risky Jedi?

Want to get a sneak peek of my new book before even some reviewers do?  (Yes Kayla this means you!)  Want to have access to a private tele-seminar on some important wealth creation strategies from t...

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Join the Risky Tour!

I’ve told you before about my upcoming book, Risky Is the New Safe.  It’s a different kind of book for a different kind of thinking.  In essence, it’s a thought-provoking manifesto for risk ta...

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