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How You Influence Others and Make an Impact

Today’s post is a special one.  It’s for people who want to be a thought leader, speaker, author, coach, consultant, information entrepreneur, political figure, or lead a non-profit – and want ...

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Execution is the Super Power

When I consult with companies, you know what I find about 30 percent of the time?  Even though they have a better product, market position, finances, or other things, they’re getting eaten up by a ...

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Help Me Believe You

If you want me to buy your product, join your cause, or embrace your idea – help me believe you.  Because if I think you’re overselling or misleading me, I’m probably going to discount and doub...

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Clickbait, Sleazy Marketing, and Fake News

Marketing is continually changing. (I couldn’t bring myself to use the word “evolving,” because I’m not sure if that is really true.)  And certainly websites and mobile are driving a lot of t...

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Scoping with Your Tribe

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Periscope, it’s a mobile app that allows you to broadcast live to your Twitter followers (who are also on Periscope) and also share the URL, so anyone el...

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One Too Many

Johnny Carson was one of the most brilliant comedians of my childhood.  And the funniest part of his monologue was often when a joke bombed.  Often it was what he called the “one too many” rule,...

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Pander or Deliver?

This morning I was in a breakout session at a large conference. The breakouts are for specific content, with actionable results. (more…)...

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The Real Message You Are Sending

A new gourmet ice cream shop opened up on the ground floor of my condo. That was two months ago, and I still haven’t gone in. Today as I was walking past it for at least the 20th time, it dawned on ...

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