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How to Get More Social Media Followers

Today everybody seems to want to know how they can get more followers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. So let me share what I believe are the most important things you c...

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The Threat to Your Business

You want to know what the real threat is to your or anyone else’s business? It’s not that your competitor has a cooler website, a celebrity spokeperson, or even more money. It’s not that they hi...

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How to Increase Your Sales

One of the mastermind groups I belong to was having a discussion about a certain business model a member had. It really wasn’t congruent with his business plan any longer and it was actually hurting...

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Blowing Up Conventional Beliefs

Every industry has its sacred cows and accepted practices. These are based upon foundational beliefs, and often those beliefs are based upon premises that are no longer valid. (If they ever even were....

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The Power of Your Packaging

In my last condo, they had a security guard who was a woman, about five feet tall who weighed about 300 pounds. Obviously her health situation made it difficult to get out of a chair, and she would h...

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How to Market Online

If you’re in a business – any business – you need to market. And you need to market online. (more…)...

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Tell Me What Hurts

No matter what kind of business you’re in – sales and marketing (and to a lesser extent, your branding) are the engines that drive it.  Every entrepreneur has to at least be cognizant of what goo...

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Postcard from the Sabbatical 1

Greetings from a sunny Sunday in Sydney.  As most of you know, I’m currently off the public stage, on a sabbatical.   This postcard is an experiment.  I simply want to share a story with you.  ...

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