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Today Is the Day!

Did the Risky Is the New Safe book event in Calgary last night and have one more in Tampa this Saturday.   These have been great fun; sessions of mind-bending, creative brainstorming on the future, ...

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Sleazy Marketing

Occasionally in this space, we look at marketing tips or social media strategies for success.  But what about something that’s just downright sleazy marketing? (more…)...

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Once Upon A Time, The Storytelling of Marketing

I wrote this column from a rehearsal room, six levels down in the complex underneath the Bastille Opera House in Paris.  It’s a walk through rehearsal for The Magic Flute, the first time the lead a...

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Confessions of a Twitter Snob

Wow!  What a response to the Twitter Manifesto I posted last time.  I’m very grateful to the hundreds of people that ReTweeted it. It became one of the most ReTweeted posts in the world, and even ...

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What Causes Instant Appeal?

If the US were not at war, would John McCain have won the election instead of Barak Obama?  Odds are he would have, even though conventional wisdom would tell us that a war hero would do better in a ...

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Elevate Yourself!

A while back we had a post and some great comments about how you grow your self esteem.  Now there is a great new resource for that, as well as helping you grow in all areas of your life.  It’s ca...

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The Margaritaville Tribe…

Don’t you people up North get the weather channel or what?  I’m down in Key West, where I was sitting out last night in a hot tub, marveling at the stars.  It’s been a wonderful creative high ...

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