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What Customers Want

So what do these two statements have in common? (more…)...

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Getting and Keeping More Business

This is your lucky day.  Really.  Because today, TWO new books are released, both of them quite helpful on how to run your business (any business) in a way that grows it and makes it more profitable...

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Branding, Marketing and Selling

Every business in the world relies on branding, sales, marketing to different degrees.  And not many that need all three as much as the car business.  Yet after a couple days desperately trying to b...

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Why Social Media Marketing Does Not Work

A Manifesto...

A few weeks ago I did a Tele-Seminar on growing your business in the digital world for SpeakerNet News.  Rebecca Morgan who was interviewing me asked about social media and if I reall...

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What You Do for Me

It was just a big brown truck, the kind you and I have both seen a million times.  But something on the UPS truck caught my eye yesterday.  It was the tagline.  (more…)...

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The Customer Prevention Department

Recently we looked at how creating unrealistic expectations kills business.  But how about something even more basic – customer service? (more…)...

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The Worst Marketing Sin

This blog post you are about to read is the single best one you will ever read.  Ever.  It’s that good.  (more…)...

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You Are the Marketer

There’s a familiar pattern I see with entrepreneurs.  They want to be busy on running the business, but they don’t spend enough focus on growing it.  (more…)...

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