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The Power of Peaceful Thinking

Building on one sentence from the Book of Proverbs, chapter 23 verse 7, James Allen wrote at least five profound books, expanding and expounding upon those ten words.   (more…)...

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Prosperity through Right Thinking

The word for the day is repose.  Not a word you hear much today.  But you see it a lot when you study the works of James Allen.  The definition is a vital one for prosperity... (more…)...

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Choosing Your Thoughts

Hopefully you checked out the discussion on the last post. Some great discussion going on there.  To continue the thought, your circumstances don’t make you.  They reveal you.  They give you a ch...

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Let Us Despise the Slaves

So in yesterday’s post, we discussed Brian’s comment about millions of people being oppressed by others pursuing greed.  I believe both the oppressor and the oppressed are co-creators in lack.  ...

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Knowing You Are Worthy

In yesterday’s post I said the best thing you can do for the poor and downtrodden is not be one of them.  So you must work hard to ensure you are not infected with the mind viruses of lack and limi...

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Building Happiness & Prosperity with Your Thoughts

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that life consists of what a man is thinking all day.  A pretty simple yet pretty profound thought wouldn’t you agree?   Of course James Allen tells us that we are made b...

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