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How You Get More Money

So we’ve been talking about how the worthiness issue keep millions of people in lack.  In yesterday’s post we discussed the role organized religion plays in that.  (And I must admit I was pleasa...

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The Fundamentalists Who Want to Keep You Broke

Wow yesterday’s post on the worthiness issues created by organized religion certainly got some dialogue going!  As I said, organized religion is not the only guilty party here, but they’re certai...

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Your Mindset for Success

On my last softball team we went on a run like crazy.  We won three national tournaments in a row, going undefeated in two of them.  And it was fascinating to see the reactions of the teams we playe...

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It Starts with You

In Friday’s post I promised we would revisit the issue of Mother Theresa, Gandhi and other people who didn’t possess a lot of material things.  And who’s going to save the rainforest of course....

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Have You Found Your “Divine Dissatisfaction"?

We’ve been exploring the cause and effect of your thoughts.  Last post we looked at the ultimate result of negative thoughts.  I promised that today we would explore the inverse.  So let’s… (...

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The Cause and Effect of Your Thoughts

In yesterday’s post we talked about the link between your thoughts and your current reality.  Let’s explore that a little deeper… (more…)...

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The Transparency of Thought

People almost all seem to think that their thoughts are private. But of course your circumstances betray you. Because all thought crystallizes into actions you take, decisions you make, and choices ...

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Consecrating Your Thoughts

Intellectual achievements are the result of you directing your thoughts in the continuing search for knowledge.

Great endeavors are accomplished when you focus your thoughts on positive models and ju...

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