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Turning Weakness into Strength

Last post we talked about using deadlines.  You know why they work so well for me?  Because I tend to be very obsessed about things like that.  It drives me berserk to have projects not completed.

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Dealing with Devastating Defeats

At some point, you’re going to fail.  Not just a little setback.  I’m talking about a massive, public calamity.  A big time defeat for you and all the world to see.

How do I know this?


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Challenge Yourself!

While it’s certainly not “easy,” the formula for growth is pretty simple. Let’s break it down: (more…)...

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Find Someone Who Challenges You

Last post, we discussed how creating dynamic tension is necessary for manifesting a prosperous life.  And I told you that one of the best ways to generate that tension is having people in your life, ...

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Are You Ready for Your Biggest Breakthrough Yet?

For almost ten years, you guys have been beseeching me to bring back my Breakthrough U coaching program.  And for almost a decade, I’ve resisted.

The original program was a huge success; very lu...

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Asking the Right Questions

Last post we explored the five biggest “game changers” we will face in these next ten years. And I told you to manifest prosperity in the new realty, you’ll need to ask the right questions. Bett...

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The Biggest Game Changers

Hello from Cairo! I’m here to conduct an event, but want to continue the discussion we started in Prague, about how you can prepare for the most tumultuous, cataclysmic decade in human history. We...

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The Deficiency of Degrees

Greetings once again from Prague. I came here to launch the Czech edition of Mad Genius and wanted to share some thoughts from my conversation with the crowd. (more…)...

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