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The Big Lie about Balance

So in the earlier posts this week, we discussed creating a learning agenda to help you become a better person along the way to accomplishing your goals.  And I weighed in with the belief that most of...

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Learning Agendas for Leaders

In the last post we looked at how you can create a learning agenda for yourself.  This is a powerful process because instead of just focusing on achieving a goal, you’re actually working on who you...

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Creating Expectations

It’s simply astounding how much expectations determine your ultimate reality.  And certainly there are lots of people who would advise you to be “realistic,” or don’t act too bold for fear yo...

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Preventing Self-Delusion

Last post we discussed how your ego defense mechanisms can become so strong that they lead you into self-delusion. Which unfortunately happens to millions of people. You don’t want to be one of them...

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When Ego Runs Amuck

In yesterday’s post, we looked at when it’s good to lie to yourself.  You can actually empower yourself with positive belief.  But this sometimes comes with a dark side…


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Lie to Yourself!

Everybody lies to himself or herself. If you want to become healthy, happy, and prosperous – it pays to know the best way to lie to yourself.


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Success Habits

You don’t really create your future.  You create your daily habits, and they create your future.  So the best way to improve your future, is swapping out a bad habit for a good one.


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Fuel the Machine for Energy!

I spent 30 years chasing success and achievement before I discovered a simple truth that should have been blindingly obvious…

I realized that my body could not keep up with my mind.


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