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Your Mindset for Success

On my last softball team we went on a run like crazy.  We won three national tournaments in a row, going undefeated in two of them.  And it was fascinating to see the reactions of the teams we playe...

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Choosing Your Mentors

On yesterday’s post I mentioned that people that teach prosperity should have money.  I believe this principle is important for all mentors and people you take advice from. (more…)...

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Learning From Successful People

Today I have quite a platform, teaching people around the world about manifesting prosperity.  When I made $11,000 a year, people didn’t seem very interested in my thoughts on success.  Which was ...

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The Emotional Charge of Money

Yesterday I asked if you are letting emotions keep you broke. The reason why of course is that for many people, money and material possessions carry a powerful emotional energy. (more…)...

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The Rewards of Higher Consciousness

Lot’s of great comments and insights on the recent post on changing your consciousness.  Check them out here if you haven’t read it.  Later we said that you can speed up the process of changing ...

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More on What it Takes to Become Successful

In yesterday’s post we discussed that pesky “become” part of the manifestation process.  It’s the most important element of creating a life of health, happiness, and abundance.

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Starting at Reality

We’ve been talking about awareness of our thoughts, with the intent to take charge of them, to them take charge of the results in our life.  So just how do you make a change, when you’ve been bas...

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Denying Victim-hood

So in the last post I practically accused you of wallowing in victim-hood.  And said you were in denial about it.   Here’s why:

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