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Living in Lack is a Crime Against Humanity

Some people think I’m crazy when I suggest that when we are unhealthy, unhappy, or poor, it is an aberration from our natural state.  But I truly believe this.  When we’re living in lac...

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Poverty Sucks

Last post I told you that there is nothing spiritual about poverty.  There are millions of mind viruses circulating around the planet implying that it is somehow noble or virtuous to be poor.  If yo...

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The Sin of Poverty

“Poverty is a sin.”  Charles Fillmore shocked the religious community when he made that statement decades ago.  And people are still shocked, or sometimes even angry, when I affirm this still to...

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Working Hard to Stay Broke

If you live in the third world, it takes real effort to become wealthy.  But it’s certainly doable.  And truth is, it takes real effort in the second or first world too.  It’s supposed to.  Bu...

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Self-Imposed Poverty

The title above references self-imposed poverty, but it could also read self-imposed sickness, failure, or misery.  Because preventing yourself from becoming wealthy, healthy, successful, or happy al...

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The Best Way to Save the World

Next month, we begin hurricane season in the Atlantic.  Yet huge swaths of Puerto Rico are still without power from the last one.  The big Island of Hawaii has the Kilauea volcano threatening reside...

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Poverty Doesn’t Buy Happiness

You hear tropes like “money doesn’t buy happiness” all the time.  True.  Money and material things don’t buy happiness. (more…)...

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Is Poverty a Sin?

In yesterday’s post I said poverty was a sin.  Not surprisingly a few of you took umbrage to that.   But I stand by the statement.  Here’s why: (more…)...

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