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Is Your Religion the Truth?

A while back we looked at the difference between a philosophy and a meme complex.  We know that a meme complex is a condition of mutually supporting memes (a/k/a mind viruses) that form a belief syst...

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Does God Want You to Fear Him?

In yesterday’s post we talked about organized religion’s tendency to promote the fear of God.  And of course expressions like “He’s a good, God-fearing Man” abound.  Where’s all that com...

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Does God Want You to be Poor?

Last post I told you about the experience of my Mastermind Council member and his wife when I came up with a $30 million-dollar idea for them.  I told them that they still had an issue accepting pros...

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The Worthiness Issue

Earlier we spoke about how the crazy fundamentalists in organized religion create so much lack and limitation in the world.  Let’s explore that deeper to see just how they do this.

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