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God, Prayers, and Prosperity

Last post we continued the discussion on god, prayer, and prosperity.  I said that you don’t manifest prosperity because you make a prayer, and an omnipotent force responds favorably to your plea....

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Are You a God-Fearing Person? 

It’s fascinating how different people can look at the same concept and see two wildly different things.  Take the concept of fearing god.  You don’t hear it as much today (thankfully), but when ...

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Obeying God

Last week I did a series of five posts about our need for deep questions, and things that challenge us.  One of them was about how religion can cloud your future.  It ignited a fascinating discussio...

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How Religion Clouds Your Future

This is the third in a series, about how we need to seek challenges, and how those challenges bring meaning and fulfillment to our lives.  In the first post we looked at the Unabomber and how he was ...

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When Religion is Deadly

Sorry to have been absent for a few days, but I’ve been reflecting on this post, and wanted to make sure I could write it without emotional distractions, and bring up some of the serious issues we f...

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Unlearning to Learn

Most people think of me as a teacher.  But while my work appears to be teaching, the truth is, it’s mostly not about learning new things – as it is about unlearning old things.


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Seeking the Sacred

The columns on organized religion and faith started a profound and fascinating discussion.   And raise the interesting question – what is the role of faith in a rational, healthy society? (more&he...

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Respecting Beliefs

There’s a lot of talk these days about respecting beliefs.  Particularly in the posts I wrote about organized religion, many chastised me, suggesting it was disrespectful of me, because I was not r...

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