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Asking the Right Questions

Last post we explored the five biggest “game changers” we will face in these next ten years. And I told you to manifest prosperity in the new realty, you’ll need to ask the right questions. Bett...

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The Biggest Game Changers

Hello from Cairo! I’m here to conduct an event, but want to continue the discussion we started in Prague, about how you can prepare for the most tumultuous, cataclysmic decade in human history. We...

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The Deficiency of Degrees

Greetings once again from Prague. I came here to launch the Czech edition of Mad Genius and wanted to share some thoughts from my conversation with the crowd. (more…)...

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The False Hope of Government

Last night we launched the Czech edition of Mad Genius. It’s wonderful to be back in Prague and there was a great crowd in the convention hall to discuss some concepts from the book and how they app...

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Let’s Start a Movement!

So for the last couple weeks, I’m been trying to convince you to read Mad Genius. And hoping you’ll join the movement to restore critical thinking and possibility thinking to the world. Obviously ...

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Asking the Right Question

One of the most frequent questions I’m getting these days is why I wrote Mad Genius.  The book didn’t start out as what it ended up. But I wrote the book it evolved into, because we need a moveme...

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Decide Where to Reside

Mad Genius starts with a decision. The decision to tap your genius is about thinking in new and different ways. It happens when you refuse to accept “no” and decide to find a way. Even when there ...

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The Entrepreneur as Artist

Back in the nineties I was conducting a business congress in Central Europe with Nicolas Hayek, the rumbustious founder of The Swatch Group. At the time, Nicolas was probably in his mid-seventies, had...

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