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The Big Idea

Put yourself in this picture:

We were in Moorea, French Polynesia, at a luxury resort where the bungalows are suspended over the water with a hatch in the floor so you can feed the fish underneath....

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The Big Lie

Ask any hundred people what the opposite if success is, and 99 will probably answer, “Failure.” But that’s the big lie.

The real opposite of success is not failure but mediocrity. (more&helli...

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The Problem with Problem Solving

If you charge your team with solving a problem, you shouldn’t be surprised to discover later that they have been looking backward. Problem solving in and of itself is inherently backwards-looking. (...

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Announcing: Mad Genius!

Why is conventional thinking (and culture) so backward and innovation killing?  Why is the default setting almost always, “that’s impossible,” or “it just can’t be done”?   Why are mill...

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What Even Buddha Could Not Foresee

For those of you who saw the Prosperity Scope this morning, let's continue the conversation on why you might be self-sabotaging yourself and not even know it.  Siddhartha Gautama Buddha never heard a...

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50 Secrets of Prosperity

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed since I got back online, then you know that I’ve been sharing 50 secrets about prosperity.  A lot of you have asked me to compile them in one spot.  Some...

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