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The Prosperity of Equality

Today is the day in the United States when we honor slain civil rights leader, The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   Which makes it a good time to look at where we are at with human rights, and...

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No Principles, No Philosophy

Well compromise is a good thing right?  I mean all reasonable people compromise now and then. (more…)...

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A Double Dose of Success

Okay you know I don’t participate in those stupid book launches that promise you $1,345,524.75 worth of free premiums if you order on their launch day.  But I absolutely do want to alert you when i...

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The Greater Good – Not!

Zhannur deduces correctly that the words I choose are meant to shake people up and cause them to do some serious thought.  My work is not designed for the herd, but critical thinkers.  (A while back...

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The Prosperity Power of Selfishness

The room is filled with the smooth, sensual sound of Anita Baker.  You’ve got the candles burning, as the sweet aroma of your chosen incense wafts to your nostrils.  You step into the glorious ste...

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