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The Rules.

Been getting lots of people asking if I’m going to weigh in on the debate raging in the comments section, over my use of a curse word in the Do the Work! post.  Ah…no.  (more…)...

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Blow Up the Status Quo

When I was first releasing excerpts from Risky Is the New Safe, people were shocked.  They thought it odd that a prosperity guy was writing about layoffs, disruption, currencies collapsing and other ...

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Putting the Break Back in Breakthrough

Most of us are always looking for the next breakthrough.  But human nature being what it is, we also like the safety of our comfort zone.   (more…)...

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How You Learn

In Risky Is the New Safe, I talked about the skill of how to think and the education system’s inability to teach this any longer.  Then in a recent post I talked about my conversation with Joe Vita...

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Join the Risky Tour!

I’ve told you before about my upcoming book, Risky Is the New Safe.  It’s a different kind of book for a different kind of thinking.  In essence, it’s a thought-provoking manifesto for risk ta...

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Triumph of the Human Spirit

Take Step Up 3D the movie, a Jackson 5 concert, throw in an alien invasion, and the fairy tales of your youth.  Place in a blender, mix on “high” for five minutes, and the result will be Michael ...

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When the Magic Comes

When I’m in the batting cage, I know when my swing is in the sweet spot.  When I’m writing a blog post or book chapter, I can tell when something else takes over and what I’m typing through my ...

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Get Out of the Rut!

Hope you're having as much fun with this  creativity series as I am writing it.  And thanks so much for playing all out.  It’s been great to see so many fascinating and interesting comments each ...

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