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Recharging Your Creativity

First she sang a song from a commercial about how there is no wrong way to eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  Then she opened a loaf of Wonder Bread, and made one into a sandwich.  Next, she brough...

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The Prosperity Power of Ideas

So in yesterday’s post we discussed how you manifest more money and prosperity.  I told you that the only thing between you and more money is your next idea that creates value for others.   Becau...

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Brain Twist

An interesting thing happened at on a recent trip.  As I was working on my laptop, I kept trying to delete letters, but I was hitting the backspace key instead.  Because a week before I left, I star...

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The Critical Thinking Tribe

We’ve been talking a lot lately about Seth Godin’s book “Tribes,” and what it takes to lead them.  We’ve looked at the marketing aspects, and starting a movement, and know that the best exa...

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The Prosperous Sound of Silence

It was a terrific Tuesday in South Beach.  In fact it was so gorgeous this morning that I decided to skip the gym and do my cardio running along the bay.

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