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Answering the Controversy!

So in yesterday’s post I said I believe all private businesses should be able to discriminate for whoever they want to serve.  If they want, they should be able to put a sign in the window that say...

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How to Know if Your Beliefs Are Keeping You Broke

We have a great dialogue going on the last post about having the courage to question your beliefs. The thing people ask me the most is, ‘How do I know whether a belief I have is lack oriented?’  ...

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Breaking Out of Being Broke

Okay, you’re about to read the longest blog post ever written since the earth’s crust cooled.  It was originally going to be an e-book.  But a couple of things conspired to cause me to post it t...

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How Sick Do You Want Your Health Care to Be?

Jeannie raised the question of socialized health care a couple days ago, and Bones sent me a link to a recent Michael Moore blog on the big three automakers.  (Although I guess we’re going to have ...

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Raising Your Prosperity Consciousness

A big step towards manifesting prosperity is expanding your consciousness towards it.  You can’t be treated for prosperity; you must be open to receiving it.  And if you have been raised in an env...

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More on 'The Secret'

Yesterday I mentioned that I like ‘The Secret” because it has introduced people to the law of attraction.  The problem comes from all of the people that watch it and think they can just sit on th...

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The Secret of 'The Secret'

Well since I’m attacking sacred cows like organized religion, I might as well go after another big one these days:  “The Secret”

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Harmonic Wealth

Long time readers know I am not crazy about “The Secret.” I’m glad that it has introduced the Law of Attraction to many people. But the film took a pretty simplistic view of how to apply it. The...

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