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Expand Your Prosperity Consciousness

Posted By: Randy GageOctober 21, 2022

(Friday Filosophy 10/21/22)

Welcome back to another edition of “Friday Filosophy” – where each week I share a question, topic, or idea you may want to think about.  Today, let’s talk about expanding the hours each day you are living in true prosperity consciousness.

Think about this: there are people and activities that seem to suspend time for you.  You can become so fascinated with a new date that the two of you don’t realize the restaurant closed 30 minutes ago and you’re the only people left.  Or the dinner party when you’re all gathered in the kitchen afterward, chatting until 4 am not noticing the time.  It could be when you’re skiing, riding your motorcycle, or planting your garden.  Time stands still and you’re just vibrating in the moment, in what is essentially a spiritual experience.

Of course, the opposite is also possible…

How many years of your life have you traded in, to doom scroll through your social media timelines bouncing from post to post designed to enrage, manipulate, and scare you? What percentage of each day seems mired in arduous slow motion, because you can’t set boundaries or tell people no?

It’s worth some reflection how much of your life you are choosing to surround yourself with people and circumstances that drag you down – versus the people and circumstances that pull you up to your higher self.

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- RG 

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