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Divorcing from Attachment

Posted By: Randy GageSeptember 2, 2022

(Friday Filosophy 9/02/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Good morning from Dallas, where my team is competing in the NAGAAA World Series. We won our first four games, but the biggest winner so far has been Mother Nature.  Evidently, this is monsoon season in Texas.  As usual, this is my weekly postcard to you where I introduce a topic, question, or mystery you may want to reflect upon.  Today, let’s explore attachment.

More specifically, the role attachment can play in your happiness or sadness. Many prosperity gurus have said that attachment is at the root of sorrow. That’s because if you give something the power to make you happy, then losing that something can make you sad.  You can also become anxious, fearful, and possessive about losing that something.  (Or even someone.)

It’s an extremely tired trope to say money and material things don’t buy happiness.  Money and material things allow you an opportunity for personal expression that can enhance your happiness.  And we all have people (and animals) that make us happier when we spend time with them.  It’s true that losing them can make us sad.  But you can’t allow someone or something you’re attached to, to become a lifelong determinant of your happiness.  It simply isn’t true that you need that person, car, home, accomplishment to be happy.  In every possible scenario, situation, and yes, life – happiness is a choice.

When you recognize this, you become free.  You can mourn the loss of a loved one, yet also allow their memories to be a blessing. I miss my grandma and grandfather, and other loved ones. Yet still celebrate the joy they brought to my life. I’ve had a Bentley, Corvette, Aston Martin, Trans Am, Special Edition Range Rover, three Challengers, and nine Vipers that created many moments of happiness for me.  And I need exactly zero of them to make me happy today.

True and abundant prosperity is never about possessing things or creating attachments to them, but enjoying, sharing and ultimately, releasing them.  This is true for both your spiritual gifts and your material possessions.  Hoarding is miserly and based upon lack consciousness and limiting beliefs.  True prosperity is always about circulation.  (This was one of the subliminal lessons in last week’s postcard.)

Think of prosperity in terms of a brisk, flowing river.  It’s always moving, releasing pressure, and seeking its proper level. When we’re living in accordance with universal laws, we can be like the river.  You channel the energy of the universe, as it flows in and through you.  On the other hand, when water pools in a stationary place, it becomes cloudy and stagnant.  The laws that govern prosperity operate the same way.  When you circulate substance, you break the energy block and keep the river of prosperity flowing freely.

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Thought for the day: If you settle for mediocrity when you’re young, you'll end up living a lifetime of it.  To live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life, at some point you have to challenge yourself to become more.  P.S. You’re still young enough to change!


- RG

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