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The Ancient Savagery and Barbarianism of 2018…

It’s fascinating to look back to centuries (or sometimes just decades past), and see how barbaric, savage, and uncivilized we were as a species. (more…)...

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The 51 Percent Tipping Point towards Prosperity

In the last post we talked about “catching” your negative thoughts.  Every time you do this, they lose some of their power over you, because they cannot subconsciously influence your behavior.  ...

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Making 2018 Your Best Year Ever - Intentions and Actions

Long time readers of the blog know each year I set my intentions and encapsulate them into a mantra for the upcoming year. So as 2017 comes to an end, I’m looking ahead to how I will make 2018 my be...

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The #1 Wealth Building Secret

Last post we looked at the excuses entrepreneurs make to convince themselves that their customers won’t spend money with them. We saw how those entrepreneurs were actually buying into an erroneous l...

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21 Things Every Prosperous Person Should Know

As most of you know, I’m currently on a sabbatical (details here), wandering the world, working on me, and writing the sequel to Risky Is the New Safe.  (more…)...

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Postcard from the Sabbatical 1

Greetings from a sunny Sunday in Sydney.  As most of you know, I’m currently off the public stage, on a sabbatical.   This postcard is an experiment.  I simply want to share a story with you.  ...

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Have an EPIC 2013!

Every year at New Years, there’s lots of talk about change, resolutions, and making the next year better than the last.  You have the opportunity to co-create the life you really want to live.  (m...

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2011 Top Shows

Happy New Year.  Be grateful for EVERYTHING that happened in 2011:  the things you wished for, and the things you had to go through and grow through.  Because all of that helped shape you for your ...

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