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The Meaning of “Life”

Posted By: Randy GageJuly 14, 2022

Friday Filosophy 7/14/22

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

If you’re new here, every week I send you a postcard about something I’m contemplating and believe you may want to think about as well.  This week I’m coming to you from a special location – a vortex of streaming consciousness, unbridled creative genius, and electrifying energy, a place somewhere between the physical and spiritual plane.  Also known as my annual TRIBAL event.  Each year I anticipate this event with rising expectations, knowing it will be the creative highlight of the work year for both the attendees and me.  This year is even more sacred, because Covid-19 kept us from meeting in person since 2019.  It began yesterday morning, went until late in the night, and I’ll be leading the group in electrifying breakthroughs as most of you read these words.  The entire experience has me thinking about the meaning of life...

Not just the meaning of life, but the meaning of the word life.  And how we far too frequently use words without thinking about their true meaning.  We parrot them in their usual contexts, but how often do we think about what they really mean.

Remarkable is a great word.  It’s best used to describe something when that something almost forces you to remark about it.  That’s a huge goal for this newsletter each week.  When you remark about it, whether you love it or hate it, I know I did something right.  By midday each Friday I know how remarkable a job I did by the texts and emails I receive from friends, or the rare instances when someone will actually take the time to post a comment on the blog version.  When’s the last time you noticed something remarkable, and actually remarked on it.

Consciousness is another great word.  It describes the state of being awake, self-aware, actually conscious of your surroundings, mindset, and physical sensations.  It’s why you hear me use the phrase prosperity consciousness so much.  Living a life of prosperity requires high levels of self-awareness, being mindful of how your actions play out in the world around you.

Think about the word bliss.  It’s usually used to describe a state of utter and perfect happiness.  How often do you actually experience bliss?  For the average kid or kitten, bliss is a daily event, often multiple times a day.  If you haven’t experienced bliss at least twice already today, is that because there was no bliss, or simply because you didn’t choose to mindfully notice it?  I believe you have to seek out bliss as a moral obligation. Anything less is an insult to the force that produced you.

Which takes us back to the meaning of life…

How’s your life? Is it remarkable? Are you living in consciousness?  Do you experience bliss?  I hope you’re living your life with a sense of mystery, relishing in each moment, and joining in the supernatural invitation to live bigger.  To become the highest possible version of yourself.

New on the podcast: Usually I’m exploring ways to attract prosperity.  But sometimes it’s more about avoiding lack and limitation.  That’s what this new episode is about.  The Truth about Crypto MLMs

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Thought of the Day…

We must lose the belief that poverty is inherently virtuous, noble, or saintly.  Poverty often causes people to lie, cheat, steal, and even kill.  There’s nothing spiritual about it.  We have to stop the gratuitous virtual signaling and glamorizing poverty.  Let’s work to glamorize prosperity, which is the only way to make a virtuous world.


- RG

P.S. I’m not one for regrets.  You have to celebrate each moment with passion, appreciation, and bliss.  But if you’re one of the people who thought about attending TRIBAL this year and decided not to come for any reason, you fucked up.  Not saying that to be petty, condescending, or snarky.  But you lost an opportunity to make the next 12 months the biggest quantum leap of your career.  Instead of sticking your head in the oven, might I suggest you rectify the situation and book your place for the 2023 version?  The website hasn’t been updated yet, but here is a registration page that you can lock in your spot.

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  • One comment on “The Meaning of “Life””

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