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The ABCs of MLM

The ABCs of MLM

Get The ABCs of MLM in the hands of every new distributor on your team as soon as they join the business. This power-packed little book will anchor their belief, build their confidence to recruit, and inspire them into action.

We’ve priced the book so you can buy them by the dozen, leaders can buy them by the hundreds, and companies can buy them by the tens of thousands. Randy’s vision is that companies will include them in their distributor kits, or leaders will buy them in enough bulk so that every person who joins the team will read this book as part of their new distributor orientation process. You’ll want your new team members to read the book before they contact their first candidate. They will make those approaches with rock-solid belief!

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Here’s what top leaders and founders in the profession say about The ABCs of MLM:

“If you want to fast-track launching your business, this is the book for you. Short. Easy. Filled with humorous examples and packed with life-changing business principles. Love it. A masterpiece!”
- Hilde & Ørjan Saele

“This is a real life ‘how to’ book that all new and seasoned distributors and consultants need to read and apply. Randy delivers the field guide for creating the life of your dreams. You’ll want each member of your team to have a copy!”
- Jordan Adler

"An indispensable guide for anyone venturing into the world of network marketing. With insightful wisdom and actionable strategies, it is practical and empowering, but a fun read, too, which makes it easy to absorb, even for those who don't like reading!"
- Wes Linden

“Network marketing is a unique business model and few people who start in the profession really understand it.  Randy’s track record of extraordinary success and his ability to communicate make this the perfect tool for breaking down the principles that build and drive success.”
- Dana Collins

“Sometimes you’re going to struggle, get down, or face challenges. When you do, this book will get you back in the game!”
- Erick Gamio

“Something that I can give every new builder on my team so that they can have a blueprint of how the business works.”
- Eugene Hong

"Randy has created a practical manual that presents what we need to know and, above all, what we must do to propel our business towards success."
- Juan Carlos Barrios

"If every new distributor read, understood, and implemented this advice… We would soon need another planet to recruit from!"
- Peter Andreas Sørensen

“Randy has been a thought leader for more than four decades and has created a timely and much-needed guide on how to succeed in MLM now and beyond. Read and grow your business.”
- John Solleder

“A brilliant resource to help your team move from hope to belief!"
- Ann Feinstein

“Randy did an excellent job creating a book for those beginning their network marketing entrepreneurship. I appreciate how he sets the expectations up front so that readers know exactly what it takes to succeed in the profession.”
- JJ Birden

“What I love most about this book is that you get amazing, straight-to-the-point advice on what is working right now.”
- Jeremiah Bradley

“An incredible book that should be read by all team members in the industry!”
- Dan Higginson

“If I had the information in this book in my first year, I would not have lost six years in my direct sales journey.”
- Nahsan Simsek

“Great leaders have a superpower: the ability to transmit a compelling vision to your team. This book helps you do that!”
- Raul Tufik

“Every person should read this book immediately after signing up, and every leader should reread it always to remember what it takes to get their new people launched.”
- Michael Smith

“If you have a dream, this book will help you build the faith you need to achieve your dream. And never give up until you do. Thank you, Randy!”
- Stoil Palhutev

“Are you looking for a training tool to build a big direct-selling organization? This book is what you are looking for! Not only read it: live it and promote it. AMAZING!”
- Payam Moghim Eslam

“A provocative book that will challenge you to rethink some of your core assumptions about what it takes to align people for real success”
- Jeff Higginson

“The question ‘What should be the first book I give my new distributor?’ is settled. This is it! The definite guide to the crucial first steps in the business and it should be in the starter kit of every single company in the world. This book will save millions of dreams of being lost!”
- Jose Lopez

"He’s done it again!  In this book Randy leads the reader from concept to implementation in an intuitive manner that Apple thought only they held the keys to.”
- Travis Parry

“This is the best book. It contains Randy’s wise guidance and is needed so much! I will recommend to everyone on my team!”
- Lily Rosales

“Randy Gage is our greatest guide. This book is the best foundation for those who want to start big and with a clear vision.”
- Luca Melloni

About Randy…

Randy Gage

Randy Gage is a network marketing icon, having helped launch the business in many developing countries, and arguably training more million-dollar earners than anyone on Earth.  Over the course of his career Randy has been part of teams that have produced literally tens of billions of dollars in revenue. He teaches from real-world experience, having personally built a team of more than 200,000 people across 50 countries.  Randy is the author of 15 books translated into more than 25 languages, including Direct Selling Success and DEFCON 1 Direct Selling.  When he’s not rocking the stage making presentations, you’ll probably find Randy batting cleanup for a softball team somewhere.

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