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Understanding How You Think…

My softball team was losing. Bad. There were a lot of reasons.  Most of the guys weren’t hitting.  Three guys made errors. And our pitcher walked six or seven guys. That’s the one that ...

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Upgrade Your Thinking

One of the masterminds I participate in is a WhatsApp chat group that we’ve labeled Juxtaposed Jedi.  It’s a daily chat between three of us, where we’re bouncing ideas off each other, conductin...

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Don’t Volunteer for a Lobotomy

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for the following SPECIAL REPORT:

Don’t Volunteer for a Lobotomy!  (more…)...

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Think and Grow Prosperous

We’re doing a series on how you change your thinking process.  Last post I told you there are four other elements to make this come about. (I actually miscounted what I had already done. There are ...

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Building Mental Strength

Most people are aware that they can build muscle and sculpt their physique through the method of physical exercise.  Not so many seem to understand that their mental state can be improved by exercisi...

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