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Think Different for Prosperity

What is the role of thought – your mindset and beliefs about money – in your ability to manifest a prosperous life?  Waaay more important than millions of people realize. 

Many dismi...

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Upgrade Your Thinking

One of the masterminds I participate in is a WhatsApp chat group that we’ve labeled Juxtaposed Jedi.  It’s a daily chat between three of us, where we’re bouncing ideas off each other, conductin...

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Don’t Volunteer for a Lobotomy

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for the following SPECIAL REPORT:

Don’t Volunteer for a Lobotomy!  (more…)...

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The Sound of Silence

I love music.  Really love it.  Yet you’ll never hear me playing any at home in the mornings.  I start every day the same way.  With silence.  No TV, no radio, no background noise of any kind....

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People Are Crazy!

If you read my Mad Genius book, you’ll probably fondly remember the chapter about The MYSTERIOUS PEOPLE in charge of THE SECRET SYSTEM THAT RUNS THE WORLD. I’m still fascinated by the topic of cul...

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Think and Grow Prosperous

We’re doing a series on how you change your thinking process.  Last post I told you there are four other elements to make this come about. (I actually miscounted what I had already done. There are ...

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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

In the last post, I told you that changing your thought process is one of the most important transformations you can make to become healthy, happy and prosperous.  Let’s explore some additional way...

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Your Resurrection

In a recent post, I said your real birthday is the day you become the thinker of the thought.  I believe the greatest moment in your life happens when you become self-aware and commit to becoming the...

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