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Your Mind Is an Instrument for Poverty or Prosperity

A gun could be used to kill someone you love, or protect that same someone.  A knife can be used for an attack, or to slice your sandwich.  Your mind has a similar possibility: It can be the instru...

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The Thought Breakthrough

Let’s take one more post to explore the power of thought. and then taking action on your thoughts. When you become mindful of your thoughts – the thinker of the thought – your whole world change...

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Mindset: Reversing Negative Thoughts...

So let’s go back to the real million-dollar question that started this whole series.  What do you do, when you realize that your default setting is thoughts that are negative or based in poverty co...

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The Reality of Your Thoughts

We have talked a lot about having awareness of the nature of your thoughts.  This is critical if you have the intent to take charge of them, thus taking charge of the results in your live. (more&hel...

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Creating Meaning in Your Life

There are so many seekers in the world today.  They’re desperately looking for meaning in their lives.  They join gangs and cults, religions and causes, desperate to find something that makes them...

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Fighting Dangerous Ideas

My recent post on living by a congruent philosophy (and some other ones) raised some inadvertent side issues. Some readers felt I was suggesting religious people don’t think rationally, some felt I ...

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Be Strong

Yesterday, on Patriots Day, the Boston Marathon turned to tragedy.  An event that brings people from all over the world together, turned into a catastrophe.   At the time I’m writing this, we don...

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Changing Your Life

You really can change your life.  Anyone can.  But it’s usually not easy. (more…)...

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