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Being Wrong

So what does it take to admit you’re wrong?  And how often do you do that? (more…)...

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Elevate Yourself!

A while back we had a post and some great comments about how you grow your self esteem.  Now there is a great new resource for that, as well as helping you grow in all areas of your life.  It’s ca...

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What Are You Repeating?

My grandfather divorced my grandmother.  As far as I know, she never went out on another date.  One of her sisters never married.  The other one divorced.  My parents divorced when I was a baby. ...

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Being Real with Yourself

Yesterday I asked you to do some critical thinking on what you’re attracting in your life.    And look at your health, relationships, prosperity, work, and spiritual foundation.   So how did yo...

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Liking Yourself

I have waited to post again, because there were so many powerful comments being posting on the last post about self-esteem.  Really some helpful stuff!  It’s great to see the community working tog...

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Resolving Low Self-Esteem

Ari posed the question of how someone with worthiness and low self-esteem issues gets better.

I wish I knew.

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