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The Real Truth

So newly inaugurated Alabama Governor Robert Bentley told a church crowd that those who have not accepted Jesus as their savior are not his brothers and sisters.  Once again this demonstrates the int...

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Protecting Yourself from Programming

So in yesterday’s post we discussed the mind viruses in organized religion.  I challenged you and asked what made your religious beliefs “the truth.”  And then asked you if you got your belief...

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Is Your Religion the Truth?

A while back we looked at the difference between a philosophy and a meme complex.  We know that a meme complex is a condition of mutually supporting memes (a/k/a mind viruses) that form a belief syst...

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Beliefs That Serve You

It’s a love/hate thing.  First, I love to confront people about the hypocrisy, lack and negativity in their organized religion because it’s such easy pickings.  It’s like shooting fish in a ba...

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God’s Will Versus Free Choice

Last post I asked if you believe it has an effect when you or a group pray for someone or a Mastermind group affirms positive things.  The response was overwhelming on the side of these things having...

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