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Your Next Assignment

Lots of talk in the personal development and growth space today about purpose.  Finding your passion.  And living a life of leaning. (more…)...

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Ego and Purpose

In The Profitable Power of Purpose, Ian Percy says “The national epidemic is that people look for ‘jobs’ not for ‘purpose’. We should stop measuring the ‘job-less rate’ and start measuri...

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So I’m reading Orrin Woodward’s new book, Resolved 13 Resolutions for Life.  It’s a fascination look at how many legendary figures in history resolved to build lives of virtue through the simpl...

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Destiny, Assignment and Purpose

It’s so wonderful to be back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  I’m loving the warm weather, which is getting me eager to get back to Florida and play some ball.  But in the meantime I’ve got a coupl...

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Finding Your Path

Everyone should have a purpose in their heart, which they are out to accomplish.  You must make this the centralizing focus of your thoughts.


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Finding Your Purpose

So how do you discover your purpose?  I’m planning my virtual seminar on this topic this month, so yesterday I asked on my Facebook page what questions you’d like answered.  But since some of yo...

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The Immorality of Hedonism

So the last couple posts we’ve discussed the virtuous qualities of selfishness and the importance or getting your own needs met before you are able to help others in a meaningful way.  Now all this...

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The Power of Purposeful Thought

I told you in yesterday’s post that it doesn’t serve God or you, if you are broke, sick, unhappy, or in dysfunctional relationships.  You have to know that you are worthy of prosperity in ALL of ...

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