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The Journey of Self-Mastery

For most things, the higher you aspire in them, the more difficult they become.  Or at least it sure seems that way.  But I do believe you reach a tipping point, where once you have achieved a certa...

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The Process from Mediocrity to Mastery

I’ve written 11 bestsellers and I’m in the Speaker Hall of Fame, Direct Selling Hall of Fame, and my softball league Hall of Fame.  Some people might even say I’m a high-level achiever.  (more...

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The 2nd Deadliest Cause of Failure

In this series, we’re exploring the biggest causes of failure that are holding people back.   (If you missed the 3rd Deadliest, see it here.)  Today we look at:

The 2nd Deadliest Cause of Fail...

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Self-Mastery – Your Real Work…

How serious are you about becoming better at your craft, achieving mastery, and continuous growth?  And if you are truly serious, are you working on the right things?  Because if we’re really goin...

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True Mastery

There are a lot of things you can work toward mastery of in this lifetime.  And achieving mastery in almost anything usually produces a profound level of satisfaction and fulfillment.  But there is ...

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