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Look for the Miracle

One of the most irritating customs of the human species is our tendency to fall into pity parties at every opportunity.  Take me for instance… (more…)...

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The Sin of Poverty

“Poverty is a sin.”  Charles Fillmore shocked the religious community when he made that statement decades ago.  And people are still shocked, or sometimes even angry, when I affirm this still to...

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The Demands of Love and Relationships

Years ago, when I first read the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I felt the real breakthrough was Covey’s simple, yet profound insight that you must first achieve independence before y...

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Work with Love or Quit

You’ve probably been taught that work is a necessary evil; one of the things you must endure, in order to be able to spend the “real time” living life.  This is blatant poverty consciousness an...

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Seeing Through Eyes of Love

When you see the world through eyes of love, your whole perspective changes...  (more…)...

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