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Life Is Not Fair…

CNBC offers non-stop “Shark Tank” reruns almost nightly.  I’ve been binge watching over the holidays and couldn’t help but notice how misogynistic and demeaning the male sharks behave to...

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Crazy, Dysfunctional Beliefs about Sex

Were sex and nudity taboo subjects in your home growing up?  Were you taught “conventional” beliefs like boys play with trucks and become doctors and girls play with dolls and become nurses?  Wa...

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Why Religion is Evil – Part 2

A friend of mine is from Indonesia but resides here in the States.  He lives in mortal fear that his brothers will kill him.  Because their religion teaches them to.  More about that in a moment…...

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Discrimination, Hate, and Danger in an Enlightened Society

This is the third post in our series on how we respond to things that happen in politics and society, from the standpoint of prosperity consciousness.  Last post I said the comments recently unearthe...

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Comedy, Politics and Prosperity (Part two)

We’re continuing the series on exploring how to deal with satirical humor and politics from a prosperity consciousness.  In the last post, I advocated the criterion for evaluating these issues shou...

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