Whose God is Real Anyway?

What a fascinating discussion so far on the underlying programming we can get infected with.  And usually aren’t even aware of.  Last post we looked at the role of parenting.  Today, let’s look at another group of integrated mind viruses:  religious beliefs. (more…)

The I Am

Most of you know I don’t think it’s my job to convert people to a particular religious belief.  However I believe the Bible is a great prosperity textbook, offering many insights on living an abundant life.  So as I have been recovering from the worst cold/mung/flu I ever had, I was reflecting on the importance of the words we use.  Unless you are careful it’s pretty easy to take God’s name in vain.  But maybe not in the you may think… (more…)

Does God Want You to Fear Him?

In yesterday’s post we talked about organized religion’s tendency to promote the fear of God.  And of course expressions like “He’s a good, God-fearing Man” abound.  Where’s all that come from?  And is it good? (more…)