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The Power of a Dream

(Monday Mojo 8/29/22)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

This note comes to you from Dallas where I’m continuing my legendary (in my own mind at least) softball career, attempt...

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What If...

What if J.K. Rowling had chucked Harry Potter into the trash after those first 12 publishers rejected it?

What if Prince called off that Super Bowl halftime show because it was raining?

What if...

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Make Your Dream as Big as You Are

No one who achieved a breakthrough accomplishment did so by holding tiny, incremental dreams, the kind many people label “sensible.”  If you desire to do something remarkable, you need bold,...

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My Advice for Dreamers

Why do dreamers get such a bad rap?  Gandhi, Tesla, and Mary Kay Ash were dreamers.  Oprah, Elon Musk, and Camila Cabello are dreamers.  Without dreamers, there would be no art, no inn...

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The Nature of Dreamers…and When to Enable Your Auto-Destruct Sequence

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: “Computer, Initiate auto-destruct sequence. Authorization: Picard, 4 7 Alpha Tango.”

Dr. Beverly Crusher: “Computer, Commander Beverly Crusher. Confirm auto-destruct ...

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Take Back Your Dreams!

We’ve been talking about how you reboot your mental software so you can make a clean break from limiting behaviors of the past.  There are three actions you have to take, to successfully complete t...

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Setting Goals that Actually Work

You already know some dreams are bigger than others, some dreams are easier to obtain, and some are merely whimsical.  So what’s the most important criteria about the dreams you have for the future...

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Are You a Dreamer or Delusional?

Last post we looked at dreamers, the people so optimistic, so certain on their success, that they knew they could not fail.  And many who did fail.  So that leads us to one of the most important que...

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