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Calcified Thinking (Friday Filosophy 6/17/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

It’s time again for our weekly chat about a subject that I’m thinking about – and believe you might want to think about as well.  Today I’m revisiting something I ...

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Look Inside…

It only took 11 negative dysfunctional relationships in a row for me to question whether I might just happen to have some culpability in the results.  It was the same dynamic after numerous busi...

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Give Yourself a Fresh Start

In the latest episode of my podcast, we look at the issue of buying into the stories that others create for you.  It could be your parents who want you to be a doctor or lawyer.  Maybe your ...

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Why You Do What You Do

I used to think I wanted to write books to be famous.  Then I used to think I wanted to write songs that made the whole world sing.  Next I thought I wanted to write movies that won me Oscars.  Or ...

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Following the Path vs. Choosing the Path  

I remember getting ready to leave for school one day.  My mom eyed me up and said, "You can’t wear white after Labor Day."  When I wanted to know the source or rationale for this decree, my poor, ...

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Take Control of Your Destiny

Allow me to confront you.  Metaphorically grab you by the collar and shake you so hard your teeth rattle.  And know I do this because I care about you… (more…)...

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Knowing When to Quit

Great discussion going on the last post about how to determine when something that isn't working is a test to determine is you are serious and committed about achieving it – or a signal from the uni...

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Accepting Fate or Taking Action

Last week we talked about the unconditional acceptance of animals and children.  It raises an interesting question about when things happen to you.  When is it “fate” and when should you try to ...

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