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Surviving Life’s Roller Coasters

Posted By: Randy GageJanuary 5, 2023

(Friday Filosophy 1/06/23)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome to a fresh, tasty edition of Friday Filosophy – the weekly postcard where I challenge you with a question, idea, or topic you may want to think about. Today you might want to ponder how you respond to the ups and downs of life.

Back in 1874, the first Western expedition to traverse Africa began.  It took three years and covered about 7,000 miles.  The journey began with 228 people including ten children.  A few joined the party along the way, and a few others left.  By the end of the journey half of the people had died.  But three children more were born along the way.  Life goes on...

A few days after the actual holiday itself, I had one of my happiest ever Christmas experiences.  It came as a result of adopting a few residents on a campus for people with intellectual disabilities.  Each resident creates a “wish list” and if you adopt them you buy the items so Santa can deliver them.  One of my adoptees was ill on Christmas Day and didn’t get to open the gifts I purchased for her until a few days later.  Her reaction was so heartwarming it brought me tears of joy.  The very next day I got a message that my brother had a massive stroke with brain bleed and was transported by chopper to the hospital.  He couldn’t speak and was in critical condition. By the following day he was out of the ICU and seemed to be responding well.  Then I received news that my niece had given birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl.  A few hours later, my brother took a turn for the worse and went back into the ICU.  Now he seems to be doing better.  Welcome to this thing called life.  But you already know that.  We must face the whiplash that sometimes comes our way.

If you allow yourself to get too high or too low, life becomes untenable because you fall prey to destructive emotions.  This is where I find the Stoic philosophy helpful. Take steps to keep your body and mind strong. Eat and drink healthy and exercise every day. Regulate your emotions and don’t spend energy on things you can’t control.  This builds your fortitude: courage in the face of adversity.

Josh was under the weather, so the new podcast wasn’t up at press time.  But check your favorite platform by the time you read this. A couple other resources for you.

You can find the list of the Top 10 Power Prosperity Podcast episodes here.

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- RG

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