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Stop Waiting for Wealth to Happen to You

Posted By: Randy GageSeptember 8, 2020

There are lots of people patiently waiting for wealth to “happen” to them.  The most proactive step they take toward that end is buying a lottery ticket once a week.  And while it is true that “someone has to win it,” – the odds of that someone being you are infinitesimal.  Likewise, you may read about the occasional person who inherits great wealth or scores a big win at a casino.  But true wealth – the kind that stays with you – comes as a result of moving through three stages of consciousness…

First, you must recognize a fundamental truth about wealth: Prosperity isn’t something you can be treated for; you have to be open to receive it.  Once you blow up the limiting beliefs about your own worthiness, you open yourself up to accept abundance as your birthright.  (This is the simple yet profound realization that you are born to be rich.) 

The next stage is developing consciousness – becoming wealthy in your mind first.  You must become someone who knows they are worthy and accepts the responsibility, stewardship, and integrity that sustaining wealth requires.  If you’re like most people, this is more a process of un-learning than learning.  That’s because you probably started out with positive expectations and self-esteem, but were programmed with worthiness issues as you grew up.  Whether this programming came from government, organized religion, the education system, or pop culture in general – you bought into the story that you are a flawed individual, not deserving of health, happiness, and prosperity.  (Through subversive mind viruses like rich people are evil, money is bad, you have to sell your soul to be successful, etc.)

In the final stage of consciousness, you have overcome any worthiness issues and begin to proactively work to attract wealth and other forms of prosperity to your life.  (This involves more than simply buying lotto tickets or watching The Secret.) A huge and necessary part of this process involves becoming mindful of the programming you allow to influence you.  This includes the things you study, the entertainment you enjoy, and even the people you spend extended time with. 

This mindfulness eventually leads to the self-awareness to see yourself from above, examining your core foundational beliefs and how they cause you to react.  You recognize when the beliefs aren’t serving you and replace them with empowering beliefs that do.  In essence, you become on the physical plane the prosperous person you created in your mind first.  You manifest prosperity because you become the kind of person who attracts prosperous people and circumstances to you.

Wealth doesn’t happen to you. You happen to wealth.


- RG

P.S. If you're working on the third stage of your consciousness, you'll be excited to learn that the Prosperity Warrior Journey that I'm conducting with Tim Shurr kicks off this weekend. Details here:

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  • One comment on “Stop Waiting for Wealth to Happen to You”

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