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Simple Truths about Prosperity

Posted By: Randy GageAugust 15, 2019

Recently I did a tweetstorm titled Simple Truths about Prosperity that evoked a enjoyable response from my followers.  So I’m compiling them here in this post.  I hope you find it helpful, and if so, please share with your world.

1) Starting a tweetstorm on the Simple Truths of Prosperity in 3, 2, 1…


2) Most people can spot free cheese from a mile away, but they fail to notice the mousetrap.


3) You can be a victor or a victim, but you have to choose one.


4) All learning, not matter how abstract or obscure, ultimately has an ROI.


5) Governments can never create prosperity. At best they can help facilitate it. Usually they destroy it. Take responsibility and don’t give away your power.


6) Nurture your imagination, because it is the movie trailer for your future.


7) Everything else being equal, the more shots on goal you take, the better chance you have of scoring.


8) The most powerful force that pulls you toward failure is your own mind.  And the most powerful force to create prosperity is your own mind.


9) Prosperity Manifestation Formula: Plant an idea in your subconscious mind. Water with repetition.  Feed with emotion. Harvest.


10) Most people believe their bodies and circumstances control their thoughts, but it’s actually the opposite.


11) You can’t build wealth in a month or two.  But in a month or two, you can build the daily habits which will eventually make you wealthy.


12) Wealth is almost always a blessing.  When it is a curse, it’s usually because the wealth came too easily or quickly (like inheritance, lottery, etc.)  True wealth grows only as fast as you do.


13) Prosperity surrounds you, as there is no place on earth that prosperity is not.  You manifest it from the ethers by the power of ideas.


14) We all have some debts we can never pay back.  Pay them forward.


15) If you’re poor, unhealthy or unhappy, you must be willing to release your story (who you are now) to become prosperous.


16) You’re not very likely to borrow your way to prosperity. Debt is a prison best left as soon as possible.


17) Be the number one investor in your dream.  If you don’t invest in you, why should anyone else?


18) Playing small is an insult to the force that created you.   Make sure your dream is as big as you are.


19) Nobody ever became wealthy, and stayed wealthy, while in their comfort zone.  You won’t be the first.


20) The greatest impact you can have on manifesting prosperity is to redefine yourself from a recipient to a co-creator.


21) The rewards of becoming wealthy are numerous and delightful.  But the greatest reward is who you have to (get to) become.



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  • 8 comments on “Simple Truths about Prosperity”

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