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How You Grow…

Posted By: Randy GageMarch 2, 2023

(Friday Filosophy 3/03/23)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome to yet another edition of Friday Filosophy – the weekly postcard where I challenge you with a question, idea, or topic you may want to think about. Today let’s reflect on how we grow.

Many people believe suffering is the best teacher.  If this were true, the entire world would be healthy, happy, and prosperous because we all suffer greatly.  No matter how much you prepare, work on yourself, and strive to avoid suffering, you’re going to get your fair (or unfair) share. We’re all going to lose loved ones, experience natural disasters, and receive bad medical diagnoses.

To grow, truly grow into the highest possible version of yourself, you have to accept suffering with patience, understanding, and sometimes stoicism. You have to guard against shutting down and be willing to continue being vulnerable.

It also helps if you’re smarter than I was, and not feel compelled to experience every catastrophe personally.  Once you become willing to learn from the mistakes of others, your progress toward enlightenment increases exponentially.

The other factor – the one that personally took me about 30 years to understand – is that you have to be willing to forgo becoming a victim and wearing your victimhood like a badge of honor.  You can be a victim, or you can be a victor, but you only get to choose one.  Put these things all together and you give yourself a real chance to create a radical rebirth for yourself.  Hopefully without any extra suffering required!

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Have a gobsmackedingly great weekend!


- RG

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