How Coachable are You Really?

A few years ago I did a Mastermind weekend for people in my coaching program.  I came down from the elevator to find a group of them gathered around a table, filling out order forms for my five-book prosperity series.   It was enough to warm the heart of any author.

Except me.

I was apoplectic!  If you would have told me that even one person who was attending my multi-millionaire mindset weekend hadn’t read all five of the books already, I would never have believed you.

I guess I expected that people in my coaching program would treat their mentor and coaching relationships that same way I do.

I remember going to at least three or four seminars where I heard a speaker and decided that they were the real deal in what they were speaking about.  In each case, I went to the back of the room, gave my credit card and asked them to send me everything they had.  In each case, the answer was similar.

It was something like, “We’ve got a lot of stuff!” Or, “Don’t you want to know how much it is?”  But the price didn’t concern me.  Because I knew that the information would add so much value to my life personally, or I could use that information to make millions of dollars.

As it should be to you.

Now in defense of my weekend participants, some of them felt that since they were coming to the States anyway, they would wait to pick up the books here, and save some of the onerous duties and shipping.  I understand.  But I don’t agree.

Those books came out two months before that event.  What you can earn in a couple months with what you learn from those books is so great that the cost of the books themselves, shipping, and any duty is simply inconsequential.

Of course it’s important that you use some discernment with the people you select to be your mentors and coaches.  But once you’ve selected one, you need to get everything you can from them.

If I was struggling and I knew a guy who went from a dishwasher to a multi-millionaire wrote some books on how he did it—I would order then the minute I heard about them, and pay for overnight shipping.

What about you?  How do you approach these situations?  Do you talk a good game but not really follow the advice of your mentors?  Or do you search out people that have done what you want to achieve, and then follow their advice?


P.S.  If YOU haven’t already read my Prosperity series, and want to get them, you’ll find there here:

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  1. W David C says:

    On that subject Randy are you ever going to do a seminar to the public or is it only for your MLM people?

    I have got all your products and they are great! Just waiting for you to do a live event sometime. Hopefully in Europe but somewhere else is fine.

    Hope you can make it a priority because your blogs and products are great but nothing compared to a live event.
    They are always another great way to meet other people on the same path.


  2. Great conversation Randy.

    I think for most people they skim the surface and gather a little free information from too many people never really studying any one subject or trainers style.

    They become scattered around in their thought process and never get laser focus. If people would listen to one person's way of doing any one task they will have more focus and accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

    If I was going to pay you to mentor me I would make sure I knew all about you before I spent the extra money. But we are not the norm. Most people will pay to be told what to do then never use what they learn. That's why there are people making millions selling information products. People want to be told what to do they don't really want to do.

    It's like in MLM if new distributors would focus on mastering a skill and focused on one skill with one mentor every 6 months or untill they got it. In 4 years they would be a master network marketer and making millions, but they spend to much time looking for the secret and not mastering a skill. A pro golfer will master each skill whether it's putting or their sand shot. We need to be more like a pro athletes and focus on mastering skills. There aren't that many to learn.
    Sorry to go on I was on a role.


  3. Jim Story says:

    I am pretty coachable. I am reading the book the "Millionaire Mindset -a conditioned reflex and have joined the meetup group.

    Some of the instructions were out of my comfort zone but I took them anyway. I can see the rewards and am enjoying my new freedom. I always enjoy reading good books. I will order the set of books today.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog.

  4. Carmen says:

    Randy, just for the record, yes, I have your 5-book prosperity series. I bought them many years ago, probably not long after they came out and I've read them many times. What you're saying all sounds nice, in theory, at least for me. I've bought many books, tapes and CDs and been to seminars of countless numbers of people who have told/taught me how they went from being a dishwasher in a pancake house to a multi-millionaire. Some were average but a good handful challenged my thinking. My thinking has changed as result, (at least I seem to think so), my actions have changed somewhat and my results have only improved a little. So when I see you writing about the value that I would get from these books and to not worry about whether I buy the lot or not or pay for express shipping, I can't say that I have the same conviction as you on the subject because I have not yet managed to convert that valuable information into results.

  5. terre johnson says:

    I thought I read apologetic - and I could not understand the connection - because I could not image you doing it. By the time I re-read it I had the image of you asking why they didn't already have the volumes. God forbid apoplexy! Better yet: aphasia! Yeah that's it - with expected recovery. I use so many of your ideas, words, as guide through the day's worth of BS and distraction. And there's plenty room for improvement, for me, working toward it.

  6. I like to be a sponge. I love learning and research. The people I admire most - I have read their writings, what people write about them, reviews and try to connect with them myself before I would ever ask them to be a mentor. I follow any advice closely and as much to the letter as possible. I have not yet read any books in your series, but I am looking forward to doing so in the very near future.

  7. Joe Torbay says:

    A quote I like by Mike Murdock is " "Those Who Have Something You Don't Have...Know Something You Don't Know." It takes humility to reach out to a qualified mentor and then do exactly as they say. The payoff will be more than ever thought possible. yes Randy many years ago I invested in your brilliant How to Make $100k in MLM for myself & for my key leaders. I can say that today I still get a return on that investment. Your cd's "what you need to know first & Getting started have worked in me & for me for more than 10 years. A true protege makes the ideal Mentor. No need to say sorry Randy, you are giving us a master key here in this article. I'm going to read it over & over & pass it on to someone worthy of the contents.
    Warm Regards, Joe

  8. Clyde Keep says:

    Just finished reading the Prosperity series and now about half way through "Why You're Dumb, Sick & Broke...and How to Get Smart, Healthy & Rich"

    Has helped me a lot in my thinking.

    Question: How do you take of the "knowledge" & personal development (books, CD's, seminars, etc) and put into action to make it all work? What is the "secret" from those that "know" what to do and those that go out & do it?

  9. Ann says:

    Hi RG,
    I believe those that truly want to change will take your advice to heart & apply your teachings to their daily life. I have the prosperity CD series but have not purchased the book series yet. I have been following the steps (tithing, creating a vacuum, etc) you talk about on the CDs and it seems every time I listen to them it sinks in a little more. I'm so looking forward to meeting you on your Sacred Secrets tour!

  10. Zeinab says:

    Actually I am looking for someone in abroad that is coming to Iran any soon and want to ask him to buy me all your works I can't buy them in here.

    I think some people don't know the value of your works because it's an easy option for them and they think they are always there and they can buy them any time. I truly understand the value of these things because here in Iran we don't have access to lots and lots of things people in abroad have.

    For your last video, from a morning to afternoon I was surfing the web to find a way to watch it because youtube is blocked in here, I couldn't but I finally will.Even with this situation I think by now I've watched every single video in youtube that has the name "Randy Gage" in it's title.

    Guys, value the opportunities you have in there,believe me I know what I am talking about.Just get the best from what you have.

  11. Mari says:

    Shallowness amazes me sometimes, for I do dive in anything or anyone who interests me deeply. And then I keep going with it until I get sign, that I'm done, my interest just fades and next thing comes along. And sometimes I'm just taken aback how all the info and input has come in a certain sequence, without the previous piece next one would make no sense... I'm just stunned how beautifully it happens.
    Sometimes it's little bit scary to let go of what I've grown used to - certain type of meditation or blog I keep track of... and then all of a sudden I don't want to do those things anymore, it's like 'what happened' and fear creeps in, saying that I'm loosing interest in life or something.
    Then I let go of my 'routine' input and next one comes along - always does! It really is amazing. However meanwhile I have absorbed all there is to this particular thing... (well at least for me)

    I remember hearing a session with Jennifer McLean, coaching a woman, who claimed that she don't want to do any of the 'energy' practices that used to work so well on her, and it scared her. Jen helped the woman to understand, that she has outgrown them and new things are coming along and it was period for tasting the fruits for what she had been doing so far... and that she had not lost anything but she had expanded instead.

    Went bit sway from the subject, but it seems so relevant to me.

    thank you Randy again for showing up in the world the way you do and keeping it up, I so appreciate your message and INTEGRITY! Bless you man

  12. ari says:

    Hi Randy

    In your series you talk about mindset and prosperity principles but not so much the actual steps you took from diswasher/$30000 debt to multimillionaire.

    Did you start another business? How did you make it successful? etc

    It would be great if ou could write an article or book about that!!

  13. Ebi says:

    How can I get your books here in Nigeria. Like to be a distributor of your books.

  14. Pierre Leyssac says:

    It's about the "listening" you are granting the speaker. When I and the others on the MMM-retreat delayed for two months to order the Prosperity Series we didn't grant you the listing you did your mentors and coaches.
    That also goes the other way round: the great listening you have had from the very first for the leaders you lead. In my listening that is THE key to your success.

    It was sad because there was an extraordinary lead up to that event. And I've taken responsibility for that I caused that breakdown. Not that I was wrong, my lack mentality you just very accurate described in this post. And there's no need for justification. 
    It's great to mention it now - you can always complete were one got seperated on a new lewel.    

    Love and Respect, Pierre Leyssac, CPH

  15. Nancy Jones says:

    We've been taught that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Then we've been programmed to appreciate lack. (See, I have read the Prosperity Series, and not just once.) So it's a step in a series of steps to be able to comprehend not just that anyone can do it, but that specifically I can do it. and part of the problem is that most of us aren't destitute; if we're doing "all right," we don't have a lot of motivation to change something that doesn't feel "broken." I am still working on that. Everything you say makes sense but I still have to overcome that programming. Maybe a lot of your audience were in that same place.

  16. Ryan Biddulph says:


    I still do your subconscious reprogramming with tapes each night before I go to sleep. I hit the play button about 10 minutes before bed and let my subconscious feast.

    You have been a profound influence on my life and I feel grateful for having heard you during a Joe Vitale interview, perhaps it was the manifest a new car series, can't remember.

    Maybe I don't do EVERYthing that you teach, but I'm getting there 😉

    Reading a personal development book without practicing what it preaches provides entertainment value only. Same deal with listening to coaches.

    Ryan Biddulph

  17. Where there is a will there is a way.

    Release the old and make way for the new.

    Go through your days in increasingly better ways,

    whatever that means for you.

    You are your own best teacher.
    You have to be willing to take total responsibility for everything that happens in your life, even if you can't yet see how you're creating it.

    You have to learn to be in control of your mind and what you focus on.

    If you get stuck, and don't know what to do, you must be willing to change your approach, to change, now, to be willing to adopt a different way of thinking and a different way of seeing who you are and how you run your brain.

  18. david pierson says:

    When you encounter that "lack" mentality, is it worth your time to try to explain and counter it, or is it usually a waste of time?? Your thoughts???

  19. Edward Devero says:

    Since I have been visiting this website I have taken a more pro-active role in selling my wares and coming up with ideas that customers value. I like that comment "when your dream is bigger than your fears, you get to work". I would like to be a multi-millionaire and am geting there one day at a time by changing my thought patterns and taking more action.

  20. Art Jonak says:

    Great topic Randy!

    About a year into my Network Marketing career I got hired by a publishing company, specifically by John Milton Fogg at UPLINE. I had a HUNGER for knowledge, I read/listened to everything and pretty quickly was the "go to" person when a customer had a question about a product.

    LESSON: Even though people have access to the info (in this case 100% free), not everyone will read/listen to it. Those who do, move ahead.

    Whenever I had the privilege to meet the "authors" who created the products, I tended to quickly bond with them. I think one of the reasons was because of what I did NOT do. I did not ask them questions about what they had already put into books/audios, instead I would ask to elaborate on certain sections, to dig deeper... or ask about what was NOT in the material. I thought it disrespectful to visit with them and ask them to repeat what's they already took time to write down or put into an audio. Today many of them are my best friends.

    LESSON: If you have the privilege of meeting a successful person in an area you seek help, do your homework first. You'll stick out from the crowd and they'll appreciate it.

    Today I no longer work for the publishing company, however I still stick to those lessons.

    About two years ago I met an amazing man who has become a close mentor of mine. Right after meeting him the first time, I contacted his office and asked for EVERYTHING he'd ever put into audio/writing. I got a package for several thousand dollars. Later I realized there was more that was not in the initial package. I pushed his office to find the items no longer for sale. With their help I tracked down a bunch of other killer material.

    Later I flew to meet him at his home. We spent a full day together, exchanging ideas, etc for nearly 18 hours straight, only taking time out to eat. Since I'd already listened and read to nearly everything that he had in CD/book form, we got a lot more production out of the 18 hours.

    Think about this... Someone spends a few years doing the work to create success and then putting into book/audio their success insights, and we can't be bothered to take a few hours to listen/read the material? LOL

    Thank you for all you do for us Randy! 🙂

  21. Judith May says:

    I agree Randy, It does come down to how hungry someone is. I remember back about 7 or 8 yrs ago when I first seen you at a mastermind event and you shared that if we want prosperity, then to read and study prosperity. I bought your Prosperity tapes.

    So when someone is where I want to be, then I do what it takes to become that person to get there. It really is simple, but not everyone will see it that way. Always be a student. No matter how successful one is.

    Thanks for sharing Randy and yes I do believe it is a sin to be poor when we have such great people to show us the way.


  22. Charles says:

    I follow your work here. I like the energy you create. Sometimes, I wonder how you do it, how you find the time.

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